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Small Groups

We believe in a connection with God that is strengthened through our connection with each other. Though we are one body, we value our relationships with our small groups, which reflect the stage of life we are in.



Our church facilitates small groups for all believers in all stages of life—not just youth or campus ministry. College graduates, young adults, married folks, children, and our sage members all need community to navigate life together as disciples of Christ. While we are immensely proud of the way our older and younger generations connect with one another and learn from each other, we also find value in creating space for people in similar life stages to connect and grow closer.


Simply: our small groups spend time together. Whether spending time in the scriptures, hosting each other in our homes, making play dates for our children, playing in local sports leagues, meeting one-on-one for accountability, or even just going about our regular lives, we often do so together. Our small groups plan scheduled events at least a twice a month, but we organically get together more frequently. We live out the Acts 2:42 call to devote ourselves to fellowship as the First-Century Church did.


While our goal is to personally invite people into our small groups, we also invite you to check out our small groups in the drop-down menu if you are seeking a relationship with a body of believers in your stage of life and have found us online. Feel free to browse through our small groups and use the contact info listed to reach out. We would love to have you!

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