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Community Involvement

We believe in being true members of the community we reside within—which is why we chose to plant our church building in the vibrant, diverse Old Louisville neighborhood. As members of the Louisville Area community, we value opportunities to volunteer with organizations that support our local neighborhoods. We've partnered closely with the Old Louisville Neighborhood Association, Louisville Metro Parks and Recreation, and The American Red Cross Sound the Alarm fire safety campaign. We are a member organization of HOPE WorldWide, a global nonprofit operated through our international family of churches, which encourages local community engagement. 


Central Park Clean-up

The Old Louisville Neighborhood Association and Louisville Metro Parks and Recreation rely on volunteers to maintain local parks. As members of the Old Louisville Community, we find it important to take care of the neighborhood we are so grateful to be part of by supporting efforts like the Central Park Clean-up, where nearly our entire church volunteers to re-mulch, plant trees, paint lampposts, and a number of other tasks to keep the park beautiful and useful. We also do our best to be good stewards of our surrounding block, cleaning up trash and debris each week.


Supporting HOPE WorldWide & Local Needs

Aside from our annual projects, we also take up collections for HOPE WorldWide and local benevolence. HOPE distributes funds around the world—running hospitals and residential facilities in low- and middle-income nations, building education facilities in Central America and Africa, organizing global disaster and emergency relief, and hosting summer camps for low-income American families. Several of our teens and campus students have volunteered domestically and abroad with HOPE Youth Corps for ethical, sustainable, and community-engaged volunteer trips. The impact of HOPE WorldWide is vouched for globally because of the organization's integrity, community-led relationships, sustainability, and vast volunteer network. Additionally, our local benevolence collections support individuals' emergency needs in the church, Louisville's Coalition for the Homeless, and others.


The American Red Cross Sound the Alarm Project

The American Red Cross regularly hosts Sound the Alarm campaigns where volunteers go to a local neighborhood designated by the Red Cross to share information about fire safety, replace smoke alarm batteries, and install free smoke alarms in homes where residents need and want them. Each year, the Louisville Church of Christ spends a full day canvassing our assigned neighborhood, reportedly installing more alarms than any other group the Red Cross hosts. Recently, a family's home unfortunately burnt down, but the family indicated they were able to safely escape due to their new smoke alarms and family evacuation plan.


the Clothing Exchange

One of our favorite annual events in the church is the Clothing Exchange. At the Clothing Exchange, everyone is invited to bring their gently-used clothes and shoes—then search through each other's hand-me-down items to build their own wardrobe! This event promotes sustainability and stewardship, as it encourages reusing items rather than purchasing new ones. Local community members are invited in as well to look for any items, and we encourage our church family to donate new, most-needed items such as socks and men's jeans for our community members experiencing homelessness, following guidance from the Coalition for the Homeless.

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